Visible crocodile model


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Where’s the alarm clock?


Are those the hands of Steve Irwin in the belly?


This gator will really tie my alchemy room together.


Someone has to make a little version of the Visible Man and put him in the Visible Croc’s stomach.


A stuffed alligator is absolutely standard equipment in any properly-run magical establishment. - Terry Pratchett


To quote a long-lost comment here, “he died as he lived; with animals in his heart.”


One day shipping? What the hell could be so fucking important?


I see you’ve never had a kid who suddenly remembered that they have a science fair project due in 48 hours.




As explained to my by an animal control officer in Florida, it hugely complicates the issue of what to do with a gator when it eats somebody’s hand. Because there are “human remains” involved.


Further complicated by the time factor. As they say, the clock is ticking.


Hmm. I read the headline as “Visible crocodile motel”. This is not what I was expecting.


Now it will happen.


They also have an invisible version of this model, but you can’t find them anywhere.


I don’t see anyone being on the fence as far as how much they like the see-through croc; those who want this sort of thing… want it IMMEDIATELY.


Same day delivery if it came with an under chassis neon light kit…


It’s a vast improvement over the invisible crocodile model.


Just the masterstroke needed to make it sell!


You sir are obviously no connoisseur!