Visiting a China trade show for fireworks manufacturing machines

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The machines that make inert parts like cardboard tubes are electrically powered and made out of steel and iron. The machines to be operated in an explosive environment are either air powered or belt driven (by an external motor outside of the building), and they are made of softer, non-ferrous metals that won’t create sparks.

Despite that, building pyrotechnic devices is a high risk enterprise.

It’s interesting to see a festival ball wrapping machine, which imitate very ancient hand wrapping techniques. Most of the mortar shells you buy in the USA (most if not all manufactured in China) are simply two plastic hemispheres glued together and wrapped in foil or paper.


So glad that Mulhouse will finally see what happens when they get to the fireworks factory.

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I would love to see some epidemiological data on how cigarette smoking rates in Liuyang stack up against the rest of the PRC. I didn’t notice a single smoker in this entire video.


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