Visiting the dead on Google Street View

“…but then I hit Refresh and we never saw Grandpa again.”


The key sentence.

I have lots of stuff “in the cloud”. I have it there so I can’t lose it if my house burns down or I can’t access my pc. And for the convenience of being able to access it easily when I’m outside the house.

And everything important exists as a plain file backup, or rather as plain as possible.

Relying on a service provider for important stuff is already dangerous. For irreplaceable stuff, it’s sheer stupidity or ignorance. But I’ve given up about telling people in my life about backups, apart from “told you so” afterwards.

And no M, I really can’t restore your photo library after you did a full reset for a reason I still don’t understand. Sorry.

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Last summer I did this with my car after a tree fell on it. You could see my old Jetta at three places: right in front of the place we had just moved out of, a little further down the block and in front of the last house we owned in the states from about ten years ago.


Apparently, the old street view pics will go back only so far. I know for sure that we had pics of our place from 10+ years ago, but the oldest that’s there now is from late 2013.

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I really love this idea.


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