Voice actor impersonates Game of Thrones characters

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Whoa, Spoilers! Now I know that Game of Thrones has characters! Thanks a lot!


Not for long, it won’t. The seventh book should be easy for GRRM to write, though. It’ll just be 1500 pages of “The spring melted the ice from [Character #1]'s corpse. The spring melted the ice from [Character #2]'s corpse.” etc.


I’m still on the first episode. I sure hope things work out for that nice Stark family.


The Starks? Their storyline is boring. The author just keeps talking about all of these weddings they keep attending.


Plus Ned must really love Christmas. He’s always mentioning that wintah’s koomin’. It’ll come soon enough. I hope it doesn’t go to his head.



This raises a question about voice talent. I am thinking more about animated media than Game of Thrones (obviously). Why pay millions of dollars to hire a celebrity to voice a role, when you could instead hire a talented voice actor? And that talented voice actor could bring so much more to the story, in most cases. I respect Angeline Jolie and Jackie Chan as entertainers, but their voice work could have been replaced in the Kung Fu Panda films without detracting. A talented voice actor might even have made more of those roles.

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I fear you may be confusing them with the StarkAdders of Cold Comfort Farm.

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You kids these days and your topical references.


V. Good. Had no trouble knowing who was who even without the pics.

This is a big sticking point for voice actors and animation fans, I agree. Sometimes a celebrity actor brings a lot to a role that’s essentially made for them – Jack Black as Po, or the terrific job Gary Oldman did in Kung Fu Panda 2, to keep it to your example. But Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan are marquee talent, cast in the movie to put them on the poster, not for any particular voice-acting ability.

Dreamworks, especially, loves its celebrity stunt casting. Pixar prefers to cast screen actors with extremely distinct voices or use voice actors, and it seems to work out pretty well for them; Finding Dory is on track to be one of the biggest animated features ever made, and I don’t think many people are saying “oh gosh, my kids love Albert Brooks, we should go see that!”

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Think of the savings from this guy alone!


To complicate matters, there’s also the practice of having the big name actors for the main attraction and “stand-in” voice actors skilled in being soundalikes for the cheaper spinoff material. The Jack Black ones are pretty good substitutes if you ask me.

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