Volkswagen announces €25,000 electric car

The EPA doesn’t seem to have “hatchback” as a designation as far as their regulation categories go. This falls into the car/wagon category, as I imagine that the VW also would.

And where have you seen Chevy call the Bolt EV an SUV? In the marketing materials I’ve seen and on their website they just call it an electric car.

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Yeah, you’re right that I was thinking of the EUV model. The point remains, however, that it was discontinued in Europe, the market of this new VW. So it’s not true that those that want the VW should/could buy a Bolt instead.

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They use both in different contexts. If you go to their website right now select the vehicles dropdown at the top and select SUVs the first options are Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. The body text of the EV will always use car.

Ok, but the post by @deedub that mentioned the Bolt, which is what you were replying to, was specifically talking about affordable electric cars available today in the U.S. (Said “already here now” while talking about Federal tax credits.) The Bolts remain available here, while there are no plans to bring the VW here. So for the people that comment was directed to it was true.

It is too bad that it was discontinued in Europe. But you guys get some fun cars we can’t have here. I wish Honda would sell these in the U.S.:


I know. Deliberately ignoring this context was my way of protesting the popular internet notion that everything is about the US by default. The article is about a car that will not even be sold in the US, so saying “The Chevy Bolt is about the same size, has about the same range, costs about the same and is already here now. More choices are a good thing, but if this is the kind of car you’re waiting for you don’t have to wait for it.”
is just patently untrue in the context of this article.

Sorry if my light passive aggressiveness hasn’t come through as clearly as intended.


Looking at the site:

Its intelligent charging subscripotion makes sure your car runs on low cost, clean and green electricity.

Harry looked up at Snape’s blackboard and groaned. They needed to make an intelligent charging subscri-potion before the hour was up. All the subscri-potions he had made so far were as dumb as two bricks, and when prodded they would mosey lazily toward their target with no intention of charging at all.


The Bolt is a compact hatchback, very close in size to the Golf. The Bolt EUV is a larger CUV, comparible in size to the ID.4

Edit: I see I’m late to the discussion, and this has already been covered.

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I know, it’s something I’d expect to see named in a vulnerability bulletin.

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