Volkswagen's internal Dieselgate probe stuck because the company used code-words for its cheat software

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Maybe we should have Volkswagen’s internal investigation assign some of its investigators to investigate its own excuses.

Or we could assume that, like every “internal investigation,” this one has no incentive to actually investigate anything.


Lethal! My how dramatic! And BoingBoing is usually so staid.


“Acoustic software” is real and an entirely different issue:

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This Diesel…gate issue keeps creeping around to other automakers. I love my Subbie, but I’m going to be pissed if they’re caught doing this as well:

From Reuters: Mitsubishi Motors admits manipulating fuel economy data, shares tumble.

I believe my subbie’s informational mpg guage to be 1mpg high, when compared to my own calculations.
Also hoping they don’t get involved with emission cheating.

Why/how did all of these companies think they were going to get away with this?

Hmm. Acoustic software does sometimes intersect with emissions control. Honda’s stated reason for the relatively high RPM at which the older VFR800 FI motorcycle engaged its VTEC system (opening more valves in this case) was to meet stringent noise controls in Japan. It also happened to be slightly above the RPM at which emissions were checked…

Oh yeah. Cheating the noise tests is routine. The exhaust systems of most modern sports-cars are tuned be quiet at all the test points and loud everywhere else. In some cases, they even use valves that open and close sections of the exhaust. Ever wondered how a Ferrari that, at full song, splits your eardrums, and yet can pass noise tests. That’s how.


The “low-level engineer” thing really bothers me, because I am completely sure that one or more higher-level managers said, “fix the emissions test thing before we ship! I don’t care what it takes!”


acoustic function

Start here, watch for 20 seconds.

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