EPA finds more toxic VW emissions fraud in Audis and Porsches

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I think that might be a first - somebody duplicating themselves on the same day.

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This is not surprising, since they probably have one group of developers in charge of the code for engine control and other in-auto software. Developing and testing software for a machine capable of smashing humans into trees at high speed is probably expensive to - so, if you can save the corporation a little money by using the same microcontrollers and software across all of the company’s brands why wouldn’t you?

Note: I’m not excusing the emissions fraud at all, just pointing out that the finding of it in other VW brands is not as huge a revelation as some would have you believe.


The huge part would be if VW knew this and didn’t disclose it. I am assuming they know the versions of firmware and software in their fleet and have version control to identify exactly when that was introduced - I’d love to see the comments on that check-in.

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minor copyedit

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Well, FUCK. There goes THAT weekend project.

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What a surprise. First they are caught lying, then they don’t fess-up that they are lying elsewhere too.

Pay-up the penalties, fix the cars, or we should nationalize their factories, sell em, and kick VW group out of the country.

As a life long VW and Porsche owner I am pissed beyond pissed.


I’m not sure if it was really one team: The first noticed engines were developed by VW in Wolfsburg, the engine discussed here is an Audi development done in Ingolstadt. I think the odds are high that the software was not developed by the same engineers.

I did a little project with GM’s transmission folks – there was a team of ~5 engineers in Michigan that did all the transmission design work for GM, BMW, and Saab at the time, ~1995.

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