Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition: only available through October 20 on Kickstarter

All vinyl records start out as metal masters, and metal sub masters. Gold, being a very soft metal, may not sound any different than a vinyl record.

I’m going to wait for the 50th anniversary version- it might be released on 8-track.

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can this be accelerated? I want a phonograph cylinder

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Anyone interested in this record should also check out a book published just this year, The Voyager Record: A Transmission, by Anthony Michael Morena. It’s a dive into the making of the Voyager Record, funny and poignant, written by someone who is obsessed with his copy of Murmurs of the Earth, a 1992 commercial release of the Golden Record.

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Ah, to have the dispensable income and the space to collect more things like this; such a memento of history and achievement.

The Voyager missive is really something special. The original snail mail from Terra, flung out into interstellar space. A message in a bottle at the mercy of the vasty reaches of the cosmic scale (instead of the inexorable oceanic tides). I imagine it’s unlikely to reach an alien intelligence yet I find the value in it’s exercise of how we comport ourselves in diplomatic outreach, stretching the fingertips of the human race beyond the planet and even beyond this system. I’d like to think that though in the coming decades or centuries we will end up outracing her we won’t have forgotten the concerted consideration that went into looking past our internal conflicts and introducing ourselves, extending the hand of friendship to whoever else is out there.

Surely it’s not that long. Does it come with all seven seasons?

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The aliens are more than likely already here, either in the form of observers or even a living sun.
Why not? After all, if one could travel between stars in short order, why not also perform the second, lesser miracle of locating life bearing worlds with countless probes?

The advantage of an LP for this project - whether it is made of vinyl or gold - is that instructions on how to play it are apparent on superficial inspection. The spiral track says that it is a linear device (though it doesn’t indicate direction), and the modulation is visible in the grooves. Anyone who finds this can be extracting meaningful information in a very short time - for sure, they might play it backwards, or at a wrong or nonconstant speed, but there is no mystery in getting the information.

An 18th century polymath, given a record and no other information, could reverse-engineer its playing in a short period of time. That isn’t the case for a CD, or memory stick, or most other more modern devices.

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