"W0rldtr33" is a terrifying new comic about demons who escape from the Internet

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I’m prepared.


“Brain Coat”

Hungry Chef GIF by Rosanna Pansino


Mmmmm…too soon, I think.

Who can afford that? This was good enough for Uncle Fergus, it’s good enough for me.


Let me guess, the hero of the story is a young person who’s struggling to fit in, turns to computers where they find a refuge. But wait, they discover some hidden code that can turn normal people into MindBots. Their parents are too stupid to understand the threat, town sheriff says to just ignore it and don’t worry. Teachers are indifferent… but golly, who will listen? Maybe the grizzled old coder up the street who is always in his garage tinkering.

“Ah, you found the code did you? I knew some day it would surface. See my left hand? It’s crippled in a claw because of what I found on the Internet… don’t go messing with forces you don’t understand”

But later that night, our hero sneaks into the garage and hooks up wires to a box with fancy lights and suddenly smoke and sparks start flying… once it clears Kelly LeBrock appears. “Brains… want braiiinnsss” she hisses.

And so on and so forth. something something about a virus on a floppy that can destroy the evil, must find a larger mainframe to handle the code… preferably a system with crystal memory that can operate in multi dimensions. Roller skates… can’t forget roller skates… Warthogs dressed in Nazi uniforms.

Crazy flashing lights, small explosions. evil with hand reached out saying “Noooooo!!!” then more pyrotechnics … ends with Sean Connery putting out a house fire.

IDK, so far there aren’t really any heroes!

I’ve been reading it, but it’s not really showing off any brilliant story to me yet. Especially compared to the other comics you mentioned - I can super heartily recommend Department of Truth. There’s a few issues that struggle a bit but overall it’s really good. If you ever played the old Secret World MMORPG, it’s basically that.

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