Walkaway won the Dragon Award for Best Apocalyptic Novel

Well THAT certainly sounds pretty apocalyptic

Ah. Damn.

I was at DragonCon this weekend.

There was one scientologist who handed me a coupon for a free poster if I visited their booth. Not exactly high pressure.

There were a group of Catholics who were handing out Rosaries and talking to people on the sidewalk. There was no shouting, just people sharing their faith.

Then there were some Westboro Baptists who were yelling at people through PA systems about how they were whores and fornicators and nine ways damned and how they would roast in eternal damnation. These PA systems were loud enough to be heard from 10 blocks away. They were intentionally inciting violence against themselves, in hopes of a lawsuit. (Personally, I think they need to file more Wrongful Death lawsuits.)

I am no fan of Scientologists, but they weren’t the problem.

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I guess it’s not surprising that religious people are showing up now the proselytizer at D*Con now, given like 80,000 people were there.

Congrats @doctorow!

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