Walkaway won the Dragon Award for Best Apocalyptic Novel

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But, but… were all the novels where there is an actual apocalypse already taken?

Or… does late-stage capitalism count as an apocalypse?
I guess I don’t see why not.

Are the awards meant to resemble breathing fire? If so, cool.


If you crack the end of that giant glass drop, will it explode?

Congratulations, Cory! I haven’t read it yet but I will.

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Congrats! It’s awfully pretty.

Was this award supposed to be a Puppy-friendly alternative to the Hugos? If so, they must be very disappointed judging from that list of winners.

(If not, does anyone who keeps more abreast of these things tell me which new award I’m thinking of? I get all the sour grapes confused.)

I had no idea that Avalon Hill was still a thing.


Larry Correia was the guy who started the whole sad puppies thing. I’m sure he’s pretty chuffed about winning the best fantasy award.

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Any novel that takes place after January 2017 is an apocalyptic novel.


A world in which he counts as a decent author is definitely a fantasy.

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My understanding was that John Scalzi, Alison Littlewood, and N.K. Jemisin all asked to be removed from consideration due to the Dragon Awards at least APPEARING to be a puppy-run “True Fan” answer to the Hugos. Scalzi relented, Littlewood and Jemisin did have their books removed from consideration.

The press I’ve seen is pretty dog whistley about keeping the True Fans of Science Fiction happy. I’m willing to let them have their fun, but it smacks of a puppy-driven reactionary middle finger to the Hugos.

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As I recall most of the key characters in Walkaway were LGBT.


Exactly. And Riordan has gay, bi, and gender-fluid characters.

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Ah. Gotcha. Thanks!

And so it goes, I suppose.

Well, if it’s a puppy driven award they must not have read the novel. A significant percentage of the best characters are gay or trans, the ‘good guys’ are an updated version of utopian marxists, etc. etc. Also, the novel is not apocalyptic.

But, congrats.

Those “awards” look suspicious - maybe you want to be careful once you get yours home.

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Doesn’t matter if it’s dog whistley if it’s truly fan driven and they prevent multiple votes. It was fairly well advertised so I bet lots of non puppies voted. As illustrated by the wins going to Walkaway and Wonder Woman. Stranger Things and The Expanse novels also have plenty of good female characters and I seem to remember at least some LGBT representation. Apart from Pokemon I’m not familiar with the rest. So I stay optimistic.

They didn’t prevent multiple votes

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