Walking Dead vs Wildlife: the intro


I notice that even a couple years into the zombie apocalypse, lawns and highway median strips are still being mowed, and occasional tilled fields are seen as well.


I can’t recall if this show ever definitively established whether or not other species can become zombified. That plot development could kick things up a notch, like how George R.R. Martin’s zombie army has (spoiler!) undead bears and such at their disposal.

You know, Resident Evil had dogs, and while most of the population seemed to be “zombies” they were more like mutants created by a virus.

A bit off topic but still one of my favorite lines ever.

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I would like to see a zombie getting harassed by a couple vultures, maybe sitting on the zombies shoulder and tearing off an ear as it walks.

We watched vultures messing with gators in florida. The gators were sunning on a sandbar and the vultures would hop and over and nibble a big gator’s tail. It’s not clear if they were just messing with the gator like a mockingbird teasing a cat, or if they were testing the sluggish reptiles for signs of life.

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Makes sense since the only advantage feeble hairless apes have over other species is braaaaains

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Vultures can smell, from a pretty significant distance, whether something is delicious spoiled meat or not. If you saw some nipping at a gator, they were bored and dicking around.

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