Walking for 5 min/hour prevents negative health effects of sitting


A nice documentary is “The Truth About Exercise” by Michael Mosley. Through what seemed like a bare minimum of exercise he measurably decreased his risk of becoming diabetic.

So, I have to take more cigarette breaks if I want to stay healthy. Got it.


So…given the minimum distance from the building rules, going up and down stairs, and pacing while doing it…does this mean I should start smoking again?


Actually I think just the one per hour you are already doing (if you really smoke) should do you - see above.

In one trial they sat for three hours without moving their legs.

Do people actually do that? I cross and uncross my legs and switch the direction they’re crossed every few minutes. If I see someone sit for three hours without moving their legs, I’m going to suspect that they’re actually a robot.


I’ve read too many studies, so I think I am rightly critical. The sitting studies showed people who sit a bunch die at higher rates for some reason. This study shows that getting off your ass changes some aspects of your body. These might be completely unrelated.

But I think getting up and moving is a very good thing.

I started using the four/4 floors stairs at work. Sheesh, I am out of shape since I get tired after going up! Down is easy.

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