Walmart takes guns off shop floor

I think you are focusing on the wrong point. But sure if thats your hill,

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Is there any reasonable amount of looting g going on?

This isn’t that surprising when you consider most “sensible” gun laws had roots in Jim Crow era rights restrictions.

Of course if Walmart took this restriction a month ago it would be applauded by some.

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“No sir, that’s the “display gun”. You don’t want to touch the barrel… you have no idea where that’s been.”


You have to remember it’s not just about protestors. A lot of crazies are using general unrest as cover to go shopping. In Austin someone attempted to break into a local gun store, but was unsuccessful. At a more remote shooting range on the outskirts, someone broke in at took 32 guns. With every cop tied up trying to keep people off I-35, a well-organized crew can make off with a lot.


“Can it take a full load?”

OK, I’m done.


“Oh, it already has. Many times. We have a cleaning procedure though.”


Also, Walmart got rid of all of there “military” ammo. No .45acp, no 9mm, no 5.56mm. I think you can find some .223 still, but it is high end hunting rounds. That’s all they sell now. Shotgun shells for hunting and clay targets, .22lr for plinking and target shooting, and various rifle calibers marketed for hunting. They sell rather cheap bolt actions rifles, pump shot guns, and maybe some lever actions. These are all 100+ year old designs used for generations in traditional hunting and target shooting, very rarely ever used in crimes (most gun crime uses hand guns.)

Yet - some how - any customer is still branded as an “ammo-sexual”.


Wow, you’re really going to pull that argument out? “Anything can be a weapon, so why bother to do anything special about the one product specifically designed to kill”?


The choice of 21 is somewhat arbitrary, but does have the logic of allowing the prospective gun buyer to get some separation from high school. For a while there, a lot of the school shooters were either students or recent ex-students.

A better number might be 25, when the brain starts to settle into adulthood. Frankly, for neurological development reasons, that should probably also be the drinking age.


Um, no. Guns don’t ever belong on HS property.

Most issues re: guns, military, and police are due to the hiring practices. The age to own guns and to enlist in military service should be increased to 21. As a matter of fact, civilian police force members should have a four-year college degree that is not heavy in criminal justice courses. We should encourage basic intelligence and other life experiences.


a) I think you’ll find they are regulated at least in the sense that not everyone gets to say, “Hey, I’m a police officer now” and

b) some sort of training (and requirement to actually use) safe restraint techniques would certainly appear to be appear to be in order.

There are racial disparities in the issuance of CCW licenses, because when what people would call reasonable gun legislation does get enacted, one’s that required training, taking expensive classes, and passing a background check, it turns out that most of the people that can pass those hurdles are white people. The laws are written this way because conservatives and moderate liberals find it threatening when minorities have guns.

The United States has a considerable violence problem. We have a higher homicide rate than any other developed nation, which is even accounting for incidents involving guns. Our country was founded on violence, the displacement of native peoples, and the enslavement of other races (which interestingly enough race was invented to justify).

I don’t want to get into a debate over the place of guns in American culture. Still, I want to point out that a lot of violence we suffer in this country is due to inequities. People who have their needs met, are gainfully employed, can plan for their futures, and feel secure about the future of their children in society, don’t suffer from a fear of violence. We could do a lot to solve these problems, if we made certain that no one needs to fear or struggle for having a roof over their heads, adequate nutrition, and access to education. These are things that we, one of the wealthiest nations on earth, can’t do better than even some third world nations.

(note: As I’ve recently been in a heated argument with several people here, made some mistakes, and in general did not act as respectfully as I should have, I will not be replying to responses. I have muted people I’m likely to be in conflict with, and will not be in general interacting to defend or argue my ideas. I’m just hear to share my opinion, and move on.)


You know they’ve claimed that multiple times starting after Columbine.

It’s all still on the shelves at all the Walmarts I’ve been to recently. As it was after Columbine, and Micheal Moore’s victory lap after bowling for Columbine. What they seem to do is stop stocking it at some stores till people stop paying attention. Then it’s back.

I don’t buy they’re actually making permanent change given the multiple times they’ve done the same thing.


I was meaning to say that guns should not be available at random stores. Not that everything should require training. Guns need to go the heck away IMHO.

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Funny, because gun ownership by private citizens has its origins in fugitive slave patrols.

If you think they’re talking about you, you might be one. Otherwise, carry on.



FWIW, I work at an HBCU (historically black college or university), and some of my colleagues have been talking about their current gun ownership or becoming a gun owner. In one recent FB thread, people were exchanging information about gun clubs and training sessions run by black people for black people.

On Twitter, most of the people I follow or are followed by are students and former students. There was no discussion there, really. A person brought up all the white people at protests with guns, and someone said something like “bro, the difference is we know not to talk about our guns.”

So. Good times.