'Walter White,' meth dealer, gets 12 years in prison


Ha! Ha! It’s funny because he’s got the same name as a TV guy.

So this makes 3 Meth dealers with the name Walter White, only one of which is fictional. That’s an oddly specific coincidence.



and of course: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_White_(Breaking_Bad)

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Since the name is now inextricably associated with meth dealing, any other Walter White meth dealers out there had best consider another profession.

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53? At least he got one year over his fictional counterpart before getting wounded in a shootout.

A Montana GENTLEman who "dealt methamphetamine out of his home and got shot in his driveway in a gunfight with his son over a drug debt will spend more than 12 years in federal prison.

There, I’ve fixed it for you.

Sometimes I’m afraid to google my real name for that reason. Meth is still pretty common in the midwest, although now most of the “labs” that are busted are 2-liter shake-n-bake bottles.

I bet he was having a fine career as a meth dealer, going under the radar, thinking he was doing everything right…

and then started freaking out after he introduced himself by name and most people joked, “Oh, hey, how’s that meth business going?”

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Others? There can only be oooooonnnnneeeee…

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