Want to review Comey's book on Amazon? You gotta buy it

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The butthurt is strong out on the MAGA/alt-right ranges.


On the one hand, I think this is a move in the right direction. But on the other hand, I hope that other filters are moving in place to catch purchases by the publisher. Not because of this particular book, mind you, but to cut down on the knock-offs that have exploited the Amazon marketplace.

As for the book itself, well, I have no opinion, as I have no intent of buying it. Maybe read it at a library, should the library stock it – and slim chance of that, I am in Germany.


Only “verified buyers” of the book via Amazon are allowed to post,



Wait… you mean Amazon lets you review books you haven’t bought, and most likely haven’t read? Except Comey’s book? And we’re supposed to be upset about the latter?


I can see the case for letting people review products they bought elsewhere or received as gifts. In this situation the cost outweighed the benefits.


If there’s one word Alex hates, its “verified”


That’s called winning pains.


Yeah, pretty much. Reviews from people who actually bought the book will have a “Verified purchase” greeblie on it. It’s not JUST Comey’s book, though - they’ve done so for a lot of controversial books. For example, they cut off reviews on Fire and Fury after the alt-right tried to review-bomb it, and on Clinton’s What Happened after leftists tried to review bomb it. It’s not uncommon, it’s just the first time people have really sat up and taken notice.

  1. I have concerns about the survival of democracy in a world where all of your media consumption is tracked to the point that this type of verification is possible. Of course, it’s already happening, but I still think it’s problematic. At least they’re only checking to see if your account bought the book. They aren’t (yet) restricting reviews to people who’ve read at least 15% of the book on their Kindles.

  2. As someone who prefers to purchase books and ebooks from B&N, I’m really annoyed that I can no longer leave book reviews for Amazon patrons.

Oh Alex, you simply must share which brand of toupee adhesive you use!


Is this to keep the left from slandering Comey for his handling of the Clinton investigation, or the right from slandering Comey for the Trump investigation?

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Honestly, Amazon shouldn’t allow reviews of anything unless it’s a verified purchase.

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  1. You have concerns about a bookseller being able to verify that the account posting a review was one that bought the book from that self-same bookseller?

  2. It’s not a new policy for every book, just a policy they use when there are likely to be review brigades.




I think it’s a relic from the early days, when buying books online was still a novelty. Verification came only after exploitation.

Amazing to think of what Amazon was like back in the beginning, isn’t it?

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that’s simply not what people do with a fainting couch.

a Prime idea.

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