Wardriving for Stingrays with rideshare cars

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This reads like something straight out of Gibson’s Pattern Recognition.

Which is rather terrifying, really.


Well I suppose two in one city and none in the other is not nearly as bad as I expected.


I’d want a bigger, up to date dataset before I’d even start to relax, but I have a feeling the feds would take a dim view of anyone trying to collect, much less publish, something like that.


I was thinking of a Neal Stephenson novel, I think it was Diamond Age, which had drones flying around specifically to take out other drones, which led to drones flying around to take out the counter drones, etc. It didn’t end well.

No, really, it was a Neal Stephenson novel, the ending was really abrubt and weird.


This. Or the Feds suspected something like this and already started putting jammers in place. Or created this report to lull people into a false sense of security.

Ok, I’ve either read too much or too little dystopian fiction.


A good book though, abrupt ending notwithstanding.
Who was it that said “Neal Stephenson will do almost anything to avoid ending a story”?


Always thought ride sharing would be perfect for wardriving. You are usually in urban areas and you have an excuse for being there. Just need to have the gear setup to to do the sniffing.


This! Seriously, though, Diamond Age doesn’t get the same hype as Snow Crash, but a lot of the same ideas are covered, and frankly in many ways better.


I am going to have to stand in for @Modusoperandi here.

Ahem… “We all know waiters who don’t have work visas are the worst-of-the-worst! They’re taking our jobs! #MAGA!”


Hopefully they are riding in one of these:

If not, that’s a huge missed opportunity.


That’s a big box… is there any reason a decent modern cellphone can’t be setup to run software that would detect a stingray?

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Did someone stick it in an old PDP-11 cabinet?


The sensor boxes drew their power from the cigarette lighter electric sockets in the cars’ dashboards

There’s some Twentieth-Century lingo for balance. People still call those 12V power jacks “cigarette lighter sockets”?

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No doubt that’s a US-english-ism. What are they called in the UK?

"Wardriving for Stingrays with rideshare cars"
Not sure if this is the worst possible sequel to Drew Barrymore’s “Riding in Cars with Boys” or Zhang Yimou’s “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles.”

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