Wartime letter suggests Pope Pius XII knew "detailed information" about holocaust

This was what you said. I disagreed with that, as it very much is saying ALL, which is what I disagree with. I know no other way to understand the word “all” other than to mean all… You can see my confusion.

But we do seem to agree that it’s an institutional issue.

Yes, as a historian, I am well aware of this, as well as the long history of anti-catholic sentiment… as I noted above. I have even seen it in my own family, though that’s also mixed up in the politics of race, too.

But again, we agree it seems on the problems of the institution, I just objected to the language that maligned all priests.


I’m with you except for the “all”. I have to believe there are dedicated people who don’t sell out in every profession.

This guy, however, was not that.

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Pious XII wholeheartedly supported fascism in Spain during its Civil War.


This was always suspected, but I think it can now be considered confirmed.


Indeed, many people knew about the Holocaust as it was happening. It was reported (though sparsely) in newspapers in the US and UK.

This is a great book on the subject. I highly recommend it.


It’s only a “controversy” in the usual right-wing sense of making up another side from whole cloth to defend the indefensible. To pretend that he didn’t know what was going on and didn’t have any ability to influence things is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.


Pope Pius XII denounced Fascism in an encyclical Non abbiamo bisogno

Wasn’t that Pius XI?


You are right.


Moreover, this letter demonstrates that Pius XII was aware that Germany was specifically engaging in mass murder.
Quite a number of organizations have attempted to diminish the power of the Catholic Church. Only a few of those organizations had genocide as their primary aim.


You are right. That is my error. Pius XII did denounce the policies of Fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany many times–notably in his Christmas address of 1942. Pope Pius XII's 1942 Christmas address - Wikipedia


It strikes me as exceptionally weak, the kind of thing that needs to be carefully parsed, in order to persuade oneself that it is a denunciation worthy of a putative saint.

Here’s an excerpt from Phayer’s Pius XII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War


By the end of 1942 the world war had raged for one complete year

I’m certain it was a world war since 1939. That only makes things more damning for Pius XII.


I don’t know why Ireland is still British on this map.


Maybe. I only wanted to check out some citations, so the book as a whole has escaped my attention.

You can borrow it for an hour, if you really want.

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