"Was Ayn Rand a fascist?" and other questions about fascism

just in case anybody wants to talk about this

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Fascists tell their followers to march in the street and terrify people who aren’t in the cult

It occurs to me just now that the whole “marching in the street” thing is a concept that predates the mass ownership of automobiles, and that of course in the modern world these same kinds of people drive around in pickup trucks instead


Googling which politicians did ayn rand support leads to, among other things,

which contains the line

Her admirers were powerfully attracted to the insurgent presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, whom Rand publicly supported.

I don’t have a quote about her supporting Reagan but that seems almost inevitable

Nope. Don’t “miss her”. She’s there wherever tech bros are gathered together to loot.

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I think she wasn’t willing to support him due to his embrace of the religious right? (Not that she was in favor of the religious left either.)


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