Wash away that election stress with these relaxing gifs


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I let you know after election day if it worked.


It will… that’s when you transition into post-election stress.


Where are the relaxing ones? All I see is a repetitive tedium of seeing a red line creep closer to the blue line.


So while the ball is dropping, that hooky chainy thing is swinging left and round behind your head.


Wash away that election stress with these relaxing gifs

How about a triple scotch and a Valium instead?


I like the birhday cake one the best.


Yep. Although “stress” doesn’t really go deep enough; it’s more like throat-tightening terror. Either Trump wins, and we get Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court, global economic collapse, and then a civil war when the Trumpettes still don’t get rich. Or Clinton wins by a hair, the Trumpettes scream “rigged,” and we get civil war directly.

Either scenario is troubling.

Edit: typo


Why do I feel compelled to edit those gifs to leave out the last few frames???


Here you go:


Yes. The 2nd GIF resembles a loop of this one, through the present:

The repeated ‘necking’ of the spread is… not soothing.


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