Washington data scientists: a chance to figure out how to use your skills for good

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/12/02/washington-data-scientists-a.html


Skilled data scientists are only as good as the data they’re handed. Those righteous guardians of knowledge, the librarians, are making sure it’s preserved from the latest incarnation of Alexandrian arsonists.

A volunteer project by a group of libraries, End of Term Presidential Harvest 2016, is saving valuable pages on federal government sites at risk of vanishing (Jim Dwyer/New York Times)

By noon on Thursday, Davis Erin Anderson had copied the addresses of a few dozen websites and online PDFs that listed signs of climate change by state and region.

Also relevant for individuals protecting their data:

Secure messaging app Signal’s downloads increase 400% after Trump’s win, amid anxiety over the future of US surveillance (Hamza Shaban/BuzzFeed)


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