WASP Mom Tries To Vote

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Brilliant! Perfectly done. In fact perhaps too perfectly done; I’m laughing but cringing at the same time


“Whose bright idea was it to require citizens to show a current government-issued ID card to vote anyway?? Oh, right.”


In MN you can register at the polling place on voting day with ID. If you don’t have an ID you can bring along an already-registered neighbor to confirm your residence.

Any policy that makes voting harder than that is anti-democracy.


Hard not to agree with this, but this also describes more than half the country


It boggles my mind how hard it is to vote in the US. I’ve spent most of my adult life in Canada and there are none of the problems here that are down south. We’re going through an (admittedly boring) election right now in BC. And we’re mostly voting by mail, no one’s complaining about trickery with ballot drop-offs, if you vote in person and don’t have an ID, you just need someone to vouch for you. Also, there are rarely lines at any voting location (I do remember one time 7 years ago, we had an election where some people had to wait an hour and that was huge news).

I’m not trying to be smug. I’m just sad for what’s happening in the US and I hope things can change for the better.


I couldn’t even watch the whole thing that voice and that whole attitude makes me want to vomit and run away


My people (well, that’s where I grew up), they make me so proud!


Came here hoping to see murder wasps attempting to vote. Or maybe the Rick and Morty wasp people. Left only slightly disappointed, because she did nail the imitation.


We don’t even do that in Australia. You get asked for your name and address (mine always results in a bit of a sigh from the electoral worker) and they look for you on a printed electoral roll. They mark your entry and you are good to go.

Anybody trying to use my identity to vote would be picked up when the rolls were scanned and reconciled. And because voting is compulsory there is no empty space in the system to be exploited.


Same here in the UK, except for the compulsory voting bit.

Yeah, Karen, I’m going to have to ask you to be, uh, funny next time? Right… Thanks.

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I guess we don’t use voter suppression as a tactic to win an election. It is sad to see a country that extolls the virtues of democracy succumb to such tyranny. Another revolution perhaps? As a side note it should be interesting to see how many vote in person this Saturday.

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Why this Saturday?

mcme is referring to the election happening in British Columbia (Canada) that’s occurring this Saturday.

Yup. We get by entirely fine utilising nothing more than nice litttle old ladies with pencils.


Dunking on Karens is pretty much in the same category as complaining that millennials are killing off some business these days.

It cuts off too early. Where’s the ‘Reeeeeeee!’ and the cops having to haul off Karen during her tantrum?

It’s a lie propagated by failing businesses to justify their lack of adaptability and poor insight into their own target markets?

Eh… I don’t buy it.