Watch 18-year-old Phil Spector perform "To Know Him is to Love Him" on TV

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That song title is an irony award winner.


No, thank you.


Can we not glorify this murdering asshole any further? Good riddance to bad garbage. Phil was a horrible person. I don’t care what he accomplished as a producer.


perhaps you could give Lana Clarkson some web time instead of a convicted murderer?


Then look away. Spector was an amazing artist and influenced much of what we hear today. He was also a shit, but ignoring the legacy is to stick your head in the sand.


I had no idea he was involved in that song. I feel a bit lucky we listened to “good time oldies” on the way to grandmas and the like, so I know many songs like this from the 50s and 60s. Some of them I really like. This is a sweet song - too bad a dirt bag was involved in making it. :confused:

Chaser - This song was also a hit in 1958.


We should totally overlook the years of abusive behaviour and finally murder because he bullied musicians at gunpoint into making some music?

That’s some fucking Bright Side thinking you got right there.


You could take your own advice.


Ted Bundy developed the absolutely best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Let’s give him a pass.


Okay we had the original Spector article when he died and a lot of people thought the original BBC headline ignored the reality of what he had done. Personally I thought it was appropriate from the BBC’s perspective but I take the point of others here and I thought the argument was done for good.

But now we get another Spector article so we can argue about it all over again. Enough.

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Check out painter and clown John Wayne Gacy’s Painting …


His only real innovation was the Wall of Sound which was basically a variation on something Leiber and Stoller were already doing (and taught him). The hype – the only reason anyone outside of the industry even heard of the Wall of Sound was because of some PR work of Andrew Loog Oldham. And hype is what it was. Spector made some good singles in the early sixties but he was mostly known thereafter for being a one trick pony and for ruining records (see Let it Be and All Things Must Pass). And getting a dated and unnecessary sound at gunpoint (Ramones) is hardly a work of genius. Any so-called innovation by Spector was surpassed by Brian Wilson, who was also a better songwriter.


Mentioning his achievements does not take away from his murderous side. We can always celebrate the assholery while recognizing that a traumatized 10 year old boy eventually also changed pop music.

Was he though?

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He regularly beat and abused women in his life, such as threatening to kill Ronnie Spector and display her body in a coffin he kept downstairs if she tried to leave him. No amount of “good production” can fix that…

That shitstain can rot in hell.

If he had been held accountable YEARS before for his behavior towards women and the musicians he worked with, he might not have killed Lana Clarkson.

Only if you think that Lana Clarkson really doesn’t matter because pop songs!

Only at the expense of a few women, so… /s

Also yes.


Hard to find many clips of her actually. Here she is in Amazon Women on the Moon as Alpha Beta (in white with a bare midriff):

ETA: Err, sorry that the clip title is perhaps a wee bit fetishy…


Can’t say much about Spector but I like this song.