Watch 221 pieces of candy corn perfectly spiral and fall like dominoes

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TWO didn’t fall and it still made the other fall? I call witch craft!


So the candy corn wasn’t doing any of the work, and it still gets the spotlight in the headline?


Of course! Candy corn is the middle child between chocolate divinity and the hellish oral pain of laffy taffy.


Finest use of candy corn I’ve ever seen.


I know have to buy candy corn, and place it on a slick plastic surface (plexiglass?) to see if it sounds like that. For whatever reason something sounds off, and I think it is the candy corn I have access to that is both softer than I remember as a kid and now has a rather dull texture compared to the candy corn of the past.

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Try letting it go stale, it’ll have that crisp look/feel/taste that you’re looking for.
I have a kilo of it curing like cheese right now.

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