A look at the most divisive Halloween candies

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Weird, I just watched this early this morning before it posted here. Really interesting video, although its odd that the invention of circus peanuts has been lost seemingly forever. But I love them. And candy corn. Just not black licorice, though I don’t judge those who do (my dad has always loved it).


Circus peanuts




Candy Corn by itself is definitely not my thing, but mix a few pieces with salted peanuts and suddenly you’ve got something worth consuming.

ETA: I was really sceptical of this claim until I was coerced into giving it a go, and I’ll be danged if it wasn’t just like taking a bite of a Payday, which I’m a fan of. If you are not, give this combo a hard pass.


Say what you will about Candy Corn, but at least it’s made out of real corn.

I mean. . . corn syrup is made of corn, right?

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I like circus peanuts and candy corn - in moderation. Fresh Brach’s candy corn is better than something that has been on the shelf for a year.

The History Guy is a fun presenter.

I’ve always loved black licorice. Give me all your black jelly beans. I will eat them.

I also like candy corn. It’s only been in the last 10 years or so that I became aware of people that didn’t like it. And I don’t get it. It’s pretty much just sugar shaped like a cone, no worse or better than many other candies.

Circus peanuts are like eating styrofoam. No flavor at all. But I’d eat them if they showed up in my t-o-t bag.

The candy I never really liked as a kid was the really sticky stuff that you could never unwrap because the paper would stick to it and tear. They tasted fine, but the effort to get the candy out was just too much. Looking at you, Bit O’Honey.


As evidenced below, 7/8 split as of this writing…

I opened it again if you didn’t have a chance to vote!

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