Watch 40-foot wave of lava destroy everything in its path in Spain's La Palma Island


That megatsunami theory comes around now and again, along with fun animations, but the study it’s based on has long since been revised/discarded. It’s not that there are no risks, but they are more unlikely, less severe and/or much more localized than the 2001 paper theorized:


It will get eroded and turned into fertile soil over time. There is a reason why people have chosen to live near volcanoes all though history, despite the known risks.


I had a member send me some volcanic sand and rocks from Tenerife.

Oh, what a pity. I spend some hilarious good hours with friends in 2001, imagining the fallout and planning on how to react said catastrophic event, as well as an outbreak of the Yellowstone, and - on a more local scale - the Laacher See.

The latter would be still fun, if not for the 2021 floodings which showed how unprepared the region is for any catastrophic event.

instead all we got were wave after wave of covid infections!

Yeah, which actually put our musings regarding how to find shelter and supplies to a test.
Toilet Paper Tp GIF by MOODMAN

Sicilian donut peaches, so gooooood. Grown on the slopes of Mt Etna.



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