Watch 6 second-graders eat dinner at a $220-a-plate fancy NYC restaurant


Ossetra is wasted on the young.

Should have given them sturgeon.

This was the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a month - thank you!


So charming! For a dad, there wasn’t one surprise from start to finish. What? Small children don’t love caviar? How can this be? Le Chef was right about children liking “mild flavors.”

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Caviar? I am an adult and it STILL tastes to me like fish eggs.

Also, the title first read as it is about people who can grade a restaurant (or meal?) in six seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, the NYT piece is cute. But it is a controversial ripoff of a series of very, very similar Bold Italic posts.


teach the controversy!

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My 4 year-old loves fish eggs (masago and tobiko anyway). They have a nice crunch and pretty color.

Lost interest as soon as they were sat down at a table in a restaurant cleared of any other diners. Probably my loss. The 50s lo-fi orchestral backing is sort of cute, but are they still doing that Disney thing for under teens?

I dunno, one of my kids would have loved it. She never ate “kid food”, loathes ketchup and peanut butter to this day. Naturally, the other kid will only eat those things.

A lot of the NYT’s current “business plan” (if you want to dignify it with that name) seems to consist of two gambits:

  1. Hire superior bloggers
  2. If you can’t hire 'em, steal their schtick

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