Watch 6th grader speak the truth to Fox News's Brian Kilmeade about schools reopening

But that’s Trump’s entire career.


I sometimes think that Fox News is being broadcast from some alternate dimension where all of the things that Trump said that he would do actually came to pass and that’s why they always talk about things that Trump said was going to happen as though they had actually happened.

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Culture-war wedge issues of 2050 will be different from today’s, but they’ll come up with something

And in a democracy any ruling party generates its own antithesis—no matter what the Democrats do in office, somebody somewhere won’t like it, or they’ll think their uncle can do better, or whatever, and those people will be that generation’s Republicans

Waiting for all of today’s Republicans to die is not a political strategy, politics doesn’t work like that


The formula is so simple:

[scoffs] “Those east coast liberal elites* want you to [do something]
*I didn’t say Jewish did you hear me say Jewish

As in:

“Can you believe these silly liberals? They want you to breathe air!”

All it takes is a tone of contempt and an association of an extremely ordinary thing with an out-group. These people are so easy.


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