Watch: 9-year-old girl's one-liners for The New Yorker cartoon caption contest are all winners


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Late stage captionism!




The first one was marginally funny, but the rest were totally flat.


Not funny, but cute. And that “professional joke writer”? You’re fired.®


My God, anything is better than what the actual cartoonists come up with. The New Yorker is now like Playboy of old, only for real: I only read it for the articles.


I wonder if maybe these hyper-connected people are from families with not a lot of children in them. Many children are just as witty, but don’t get New Yorker videos about it.


Life is so unfair.



Did you caption that, you scamp?



I was expecting her to just write “Christ, what an asshole” for every single one.


I don’t know that I think it’s unfair that some people have the resources to make a really big deal about their children’s modest talents. Except to the children.


The dumbing of America continues. Now the average schmuck is oh so impressed with the pedestrian words of a nine year old. The movie Idiocracy - it’s happening NOW.


By all means, you should tell them to stop it. Commenting on a message board is probably the most efficient way.


I am overwhelmingly impressed… by people going out of their way to diss a 9 year old, and to diss boing boing for posting it.


actually, “Don’t judge.” and “How’s life?” “The same.” both made me guffaw, so props to her for those. her method of “not overthinking it” is actually good advice.


at least she can hold a pen to it…


I was looking at the twitter thread, and I don’t know if this made the video:

“If you want a remote, get this one.” I can’t imagine the original caption was better than that.