Watch a 140 year-old Victorian home roll down the street and take a right turn

When the crew took their lunch break they left it parked on the street and the house’s catalytic converter was stolen.

…eventually we’ll end up with entire traction cities if we’re not careful…


Always check what you are actually expected to do when a friend or relative asks for help with moving house before saying yes.


This is covered in the OP article quote:

[The home’s new neighbor, a former mortuary,] was previously moved about 12 feet toward the lot line to make room for the Englander House. The two buildings will be combined into a new development, with 10 units built in the former mortuary building and the Englander House converted into seven units.

The large, 75-foot wide lot where the Englander House once sat will now become the site of a new 47-unit apartment complex. That’s a total of 64 new housing units as a result of this historic move[…]

Edit: Oh and from the source article, we’re informed that the house itself is pretty unique as well, so all the better.

While most Victorian homes were built in a templated style, this one was custom designed by German architect Wildrich Winterhalter, who moved to San Francisco in 1869. He was best known for designing several large brick breweries for German clients. The Englander house is one of four homes designed by him still standing. “It was an architect-designed house, no doubt,” said Ian Berke, the realtor who listed the home for sale in 2013. “There’s all this lavish detail. Elaborate moldings, cornices, a gorgeous staircase and beautiful banisters. It’s amazingly intact, though it was in awful condition. It’s a great and important piece of architecture.”

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Ouuuurrrrr house…
takes a very, very, very tight turn…


You aren’t a hero and I’m not beautiful and we probably won’t live happily ever after, but we’re alive and together and we’re going to be all right.

Reminds me greatly of the Neverwas Haul, that rad Steampunk art-car from Burningman around '07.

“Do you want me to start loading boxes?”

“No, just grab that rope attached to the footings and heave!”


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