Victorian home "slightly haunted", say sellers




Best Listing ever, and it has a turret!


A bit of dialogue from a short film a couple of my friends made in high school:

Buyer: This 20-room mansion is gorgeous. Why is the price so low?

Realtor: Some people say it’s haunted.

Buyer: That’s just ridiculous. Some people will believe anything. Well, here’s your ten dollars…


Wow, it even comes with its own ghastly visages??? That means “move in” condition to some home shoppers.

Its all in how one markets it. Just like software…“it’s not a bug…it’s a feature.”


Right? I hate having to make my own ghastly visages. It’s just a time-consuming pain in the ass. And you never see the return on it because everybody just expects the visages to be ghastly. It’s like refinishing the floors.


Damn, that’s a pretty sweet abode for 144K. Even with the poltergeists.


What’s that in the second-floor window?


A selling feature.

Also people love to put fake candles in the windows, though usually it is only one.


And a secret room!!! I’m sold!


It’s all fun until you realize the screaming is a soon to be exploded water heater or pipe.


Question, is it standard in the US to use the term ‘Victorian’ with regards to property, furniture or art etc ?


Yes, it is common to refer to a certain style of architecture as Victorian.


It’s almost as if old houses built of wood and in need of major structural renovations make odd, seemingly inexplicable sounds at various times of day and in different atmospheric conditions.


Or, conversely, of any object dating from the Victorian Age.


Thanks, does the US also use Edwardian ?


Edward’s reign was too short to really amass a distinctive architectural style.


Yes, albeit less commonly.

Although, I imagine that’s typically because it was a shorter, less impactful Age from the standpoint of America.


To be fair, both Victorian and Edwardian are not at all limited to architecture. Edwardian can just as easily refer to fashion, technology, anything really, so long as it is distinctive to that age.


That’s some pretty canny marketing. “Minimal supernatural activity, adds to the charm, so long as, by the love of all that’s holy, you never play the Evening Benediction from Hänsel und Gretel in the upper bedroom on Walpurgisnacht.” And watch the bidding war begin.


Interesting. I’m currently living in an Edwardian house in Elizabethan England :slight_smile: