Discover if someone has died in your house


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One day I was doing clinicals in the ICU and a woman was sobbing and begging the RN not to put her husband into one particular Bed because
she heard someone had died there and it was now cursed!

The Nurse did her best and finally just told the woman "Lady, someone has died in EVERY bed in this ICU at some point in time."

Somehow that seemed to work. She stopped crying and sat down to accept whatever fate had in store for her.


My house was built in the late 1800s. A lot of people have died in it, but they haven’t bothered us so far.


Sounds like a good way to find below market rent. Thanks for the hack!


I am disappointed. I tought It somehow involved a digital Ouija board and a techno seance…


The nerve of some people, dying in their own home.

When they’re about to die, they should go outside or something.


Isn’t this more about violent death?

There was a time when people often died at home. Even fifty years ago. My grandfather died in this house overnight in 1970, my grandmother died in a chair one afternoon a year later.

I guess it’s less common now, lots of medecine to extend life, so trips to the hospital the last step. My mother didn’t die in this house two years ago, a few years of more and more health issues, and trips go the hospital, before the last one.

The house has been in the family since the thirties, so I’m not sure how much time there was before that for “sinister deaths”.

Wait, in 1979 our dog died on the balcony, final breaths outside on a warm summer day.


No worries here. Our house is new, but I’m pretty sure there were some crimes against nature committed in the bathrooms during construction.


Thanks, I’ve been wondering about a service like this ever since an idiot neighbor told me an older lady died in my house (trying to paint it as unusual) and that it’s likely haunted because of that. I figured most houses over 50 years old have had deaths in them.

Just paid the $11.99 and ran the report, it couldn’t confirm any deaths (or meth or sex offenders) at my address. It did however accurately show 18 former occupants (mostly 2 families) and that 4 of them are now deceased (and gave dates of each of those deaths).

Finally, I’ve lived here for 10 years now, no ghosts that I’ve seen.


By “find”, you mean “use as a lever to bargain the price downward.” If you have to find it in the first place, the price will not have been factored in yet(?)


…house, but to her disappointment, she could not find a house that had not suffered the death of a family member. Finally the realization struck her that there is no house free from mortality.


I never understood the heebie-jeebs people get around dead bodies. When I worked at a hospital, there were people who worked there that would refuse to ride the elevator with a body. To the point that the transporters would warn staff about it if they were about to get on. Our office was across from the morgue and I wasn’t about to stop using the closest elevator.


Your house is new, but the undocumented cemetery underneath it is old. (mwaa-ha-haaaaa!)


Dinner plans?


(Yes, I know it was technically not in the house in that movie.)


When I trained to be a Nurse, I was shocked at how much religion and superstition was “normal” and accepted amongst other Nurses and Techs in what was supposed to be “evidence-based medicine”, but the employees are just a cross section of normal Americans so I don’t know why I expected anything different.


Living in public housing that is over 50 y.o. I kind of assume that possibly someone has died in every one of the apartments in this 12 story building, esp. since it sort of caters to old folk. I sort of hope to die here (I mean this is the ONLY place in my entire life that I’ve live at for over 10 yrs; I like it). Fortunately, what with being somewhat deaf, having cats and being a bit messy, no ghosts seem to want to bother with me. And, besides, I’ll be there soon enough.


The only time I’ve had to spend a night in hospital (as an adult), I took in a copy of Lancelot do Lac (in translation: I’m not that massive a nerd). A nurse saw me reading it, and said something like “Is that one of those fantasy books? I don’t think I agree with those!” When I pointed out it was from the 13th century, her response was only “Even so!” It was weird.


There is only one “approved” fantasy book for that Nurse.