Watch a British prankster shower corrupt FIFA chief Sepp Blatter with fake bank notes

Yeah, American singles is a kind of cheese, last time I checked.


Alex Rodriguez should buy him a beer and tell him about how it’s like playing away games in Seattle.

As long as it adds up to a lot of commas and zeros before the decimal I’ll take it in coin buddy.

I think the ‘dollar bill’ is somewhat the standard bearer of filthy lucre.
I watched a conspiracy theorist say once how they’d have trouble replacing the dollar bill with a coin, unless the coin had the same ‘evil-eye pyramid’ on it, which was essentially the symbol of all the crazy.
I do wonder why it hasn’t been replaced with a coin yet, and his explanation made a sort of sense.

As for the prankster; that’s Lee Nelson, a true leg-end. Funny as hell. He’s the guy who deflated the wind from Kanye West’s sails during his Glastonbury set, by joining him uninvited on stage wearing a Leezus t-shirt.

Bitter Blatter

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