Watch a building frame fall like dominoes

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Safety First.


This is your basic mortgage bond…

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Oh, someone flamingo’d up here…


The artist’s conception of the finished building does not give one confidence in the builders’ skill.


When your steel beams, meant to support the building, can’t support themselves, I’d imagine that’s really not a good sign.


The apprentice who was sent out for some more skyhooks took too long about it.


inadequate temporary bracing is what happened here - that column ultimately would have been braced by the beams and floors it supported, but in the meantime required temporary bracing. That bracing either broke, or was not in place.

Watch again - the first column to fall appears to have no bracing, nor does the second column it collides with and pushes over. Those two crash into the more completed frame at the right breaking some of those beams loose, including one with a steel worker standing on it.

You can see the worker fall off the beam, but held aloft by his safety harness, until the beam he was on also breaks loose and falls.


I don’t know why but I was especially struck by the boilerplate corporate-speak statement from the construction company. It feels like we’ve reached the point where everybody knows the dance and anyone with any power has agreed that as long as they steps are performed correctly nobody “of consequence” will face repercussions.

Maybe the next evolution in the process will be like the congressional filibuster, where everyone agrees that they just have to ‘say the word’ instead of doing the thing. Maybe we’ll start to see the words “Statement of Concern” published over the corporate logo instead of the usual say-nothing paragraph?


Yeah, it seems like this accident – where no one was seriously injured – would have been a perfect time to make a statement that sounded human? Instead of one that could be issued at any time, for any incident…or even if no incident had occurred they could release that statement, since it didn’t mention the incident.

The boilerplate sounded excessively “cover their ass” when the incident really didn’t require it since no one was seriously hurt.

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