Watch a Chinese space station fall to earth


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I’m hoping for Mar-a-lago (again).


I am confused. Is it over? is it ongoing? It may have helped for me to watch the video in a place where I could hear stuff and did not skip forwards and back to try to figure it out.


Crap, I was hoping it would hit me so I could sue the Chinese Government. Maybe next time.


You and countless others.
Make America Cratered Again.


So pitted, so pitted.


Even if it only takes out one hole of the golf course. Pleaseeeee oh please oh please



Better dig out my hard hat I use for work construction monitoring visits.


First, there was 15 minutes of fame.

Then, there was Live, which is 24:06? And not? :thinking:

Or, I’m old, and clicking on the wrong thing. :grin:


Is it wrong to wish on space hardware?


More likely your family would do the sueing.


I see! You’re the OTHER person who saw that movie!

I’ve made a few redneck repairs over the years that made me think, "Well, at least it doesn’t look like the windshield from ‘Till the End of the World’.

I got the stinkeye from my date when I guffawed out loud as the protagonists are walking across the desert, carrying the Cessna door. It was the visualization of the old, old joke about three strangers stranded in the desert who kick up a magic lamp: One asks for water, one asks for popsicles, and the third asks for a car door. Why a car door? So they can roll the window down, because it’s hot.


First choice: this Friday night around 8:30pm Eastern, visible from the Northeastern Bahamas, where there will be a bonfire, sky lanterns & wake for my nonconformist did-it-her-way-everyone-else-be-damned mother

Second best: Mar-A-Lago




Watched that new years day, 2000. And not since.


Two more sites to monitor the falling piece-o-junk:

The site just scares me in general. Red dots = Satellites, Blue dots = Rocket bodies, Grey dots = debris, Yellow dots = Unknown and/or Meteorite pieces



I’m hoping it gets him at Trump National Golf Club.

Mar-a-Lago is a national historic landmark and architectural treasure that has the misfortune to have been bought by a piece of shit.


I am willing to make an exception, just this once, as long as it’s a direct hit and the bigger problem is solved.