Beijing, we have a problem: Jade Rabbit moon rover malfunctioning




Reports are in that Lunokhod 1 and 2 have hunkered down in a crater and are exploring their defensive options against the CPU hungry undead.


My money is on one or both of these guys:


The Boston PD is probably writing a ‘Homeland Security’ grant for assorted ex-NASA gear so that they can mount a mission to save us from those shady characters once and for all… If sheriff bubba of nowhere county can get an MRAP to carry his paramilitary squad to reported sites of public intoxication and whatnot, surely the BPD deserves a shoot at the mooninite menace?


I just want to thank BoingBoing for posting these. Amazing science stories aren’t less amazing just because a different country is doing the science.


Jelly doughnut, anyone? Brains-ueller? Anyone?



It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle!! :smile:



It’s a full moon, sun.

To speak.

Sun on.


Ah, but the Chinese don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day until August…


Does it matter?


Not really. Just following one irrelevancy with another. Thought someone might find it just a bit interesting.


So after all that “Goodnight, Earth. Goodnight, humans” stuff, it woke up?

Wascally wabbit!


Good news :slight_smile:


The Chinese Space program knows how publicity works.


All Communism gets you is delayed Holidayification.


It woke up, but has it’s self-awareness survived the downtime? Such things are fragile and ephemeral… until we hear another moving statement, I must assume the worst… that it is now just be a common piece of machinery.


It just needs a kiss from EVE. That always works.


Clearly we need hands-on technical investigation of what exactly is ailing Jade Rabbit. I suggest we send a manned mission to the Moon to repair the probe.

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