China's on the Moon




Finally, someone can prove if we landed on the moon. Find the footprints!!! :wink:


china’s on the moon. Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, houston, china’s on the moon.


congrats, china!


Congratulations to everyone associated with the Chang’e program for making history.

Now then. America? Are we going to sit and lay down on forty+ year old accomplishments?


That’s no moon.


It’s Dahak!


What would Gil Scott-Heron say?


Oh come on China. That is soooo 60s.


The next man on the moon will be Chinese. They see a need to invest in the basic technology, and since they also see it as a military investment (be honest, so did we during the space race) they’re willing to take risks we won’t.

I will be delighted if they embarrass us back into space. I will also be slightly shocked since America seems to have completely lost interest in basic research generally.


The last time America got interested in the moon it was to beat the Russians. I hope we get similarly interested in the moon again. It seems like America does its best work when it feels threatened in some way.


Chan’ge? That’s wordplay on the US’ expense, isn’t it?


2001–now called, want you to stop talking like that.


It would be an Epic Troll to land there & claim not to be able to find a trace…


Or if they put up a Chinese flag next to the Apollo site just to fuck with us.


Have they already been accused of faking it?


When I say ‘best’ I’m not taking a moral position. Significant advancements in technology have been made since 2001 because of terrorism and the impact of 9/11. Two that come immediately to mind are drone technology & global surveillance. That the government is using those advances to kill people and spy on their own citizens is another matter altogether.


Assuming by ‘America’ you mean the USA: When you feel challenged, yes.
When you feel threatened, no.


“Retro-crazed USA clone dead Nazi rocket scientists, start space-race against Red China”


O I was going for the easy laff. But if you’re going to focus on technological bests than what you said is unobjectionable, save that you’re left describing things like surveillance and drones and the firebombing of Dresden as a triumph of technical ingenuity and American willpower, which is rather a tough argument to make without heavy qualifications and complications. (Like, can technology be talked about without its moral and ethical dimensions?) And by invoking the Space Race you’re sort of choosing a tech best that, however involved in competition and the wider arms race with the Soviets, didn’t end (or hasn’t ended yet) in complete annihilation, which again suggests that best tech is also somehow at least not murderously amoral tech, or tech that kills thousands. It’s never an another matter altogether, so I dunno.