Watch a drawbridge take a car on a harrowing joyride

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Can’t really tell from the view as cannot see the exact position of the barrier gate but it looked like the driver had room to pull forward off the span to be on the non-tilting part.


What’s up with Florida drawbridge operators? I read about a woman falling to her death a couple weeks ago.


Same problem as any other operator of heavy machinery. Screwing around on facebook.


Looks like he got out of there with no visible problems. And he forgot to take a photo of car with the bridge in the up position, so his insurance claims adjuster will not believe him at all.


Yeah, that was my question as well. Is there perhaps a barrier just offscreen preventing him from moving? It looks like he just needed to move up a foot!

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Yeah, he really seemed quite calm about it, too.

P.S. I hope you had a nice day, Mr. Yacht Owner! /s


the craziest part to me is when the driver opened his door with that huge gap right behind him. i was waiting for him to drop right into the abyss

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Once the bridge starts moving the wheels drop down into the gap of the bascule. Once that happens he can no longer pull forward until the bridge tips the car up enough where the wheels are freed.

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