Watch a fantastic documentary about psych pioneer Roky Erickson of

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Caught this a few years ago, also recommend! Heartbreaking story.


Roky Erickson of?

Yeah, good movie.

If ya have to ask…

(Not actually assuming you would have to ask. Mind you, Roky is probably better known than his band for younger people…)

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I don’t know why but there is something about the first few bars that make the thing of The Seeds “Pushing Too Hard”.

“If your limbs begin dissolving in the water that you tread, all surroundings are evolving in the stream that clears your head…”

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Maybe it was in the documentary which I caught a few years back (and now want to rewatch) but did Janis Joplin crib his wail and make it her own? Sounds awfully familiar and they certainly would have crossed paths in the nascent Texas psych-rock scene of the 60’s.

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