Watch Janis Joplin and Tom Jones shake it to 'Raise Your Hand' in 1969


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Awesome way to start my day… thanks!


she got a kick out of him whistling mid-verse




I don’t know whats the best part of this clip? Tom and Janis totally rippin’ it? The background ‘audience’ exploding into dance? The horn section? Janis shaking that thang? Or those two chics just sitting there. Janis (and Tom) could shake it all night long, belting out songs with no need of backing tracks or syncing. Ah, where have those days gone…?


On a side note, I was only 2 years old when this occurred, so the primary reason I might be shakin’ it while raising my hand is because I needed to go potty.


those kids are gonna hurt their necks


There really needs to be more organ in music today. That looked like allot of fun.

Makes you want to go drive a convertible with the top down and rock out!


I :hearts: this photo so much. That car!!


I loved them groovy cats and kittens!


I have a feeling that if three Martians just suddenly appeared on stage, it wouldn’t have caused a fuss.


For more Tom Jones wonderfulness, check out his medley with Stevie Wonder!


Watch Janis Joplin WAIL along with hot sprayed-on-pants-in-a-can Tom Jones!

These two could wail and just watch the dancers - they are totally having a blast.


Jones had some moves.

And Janis is almost wearing…


Good lord Janis could sing, and Tom is great s well

Born too soon?, too late, wrong planet?


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