Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young & Tom Jones on the Tom Jones TV show in 1969

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I’ve never heard this live before, so I can’t be certain, but it seems like they are (perhaps on the fly) trying to adjust their harmonies so that Jones can fit in naturally.

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I’m impressed.


i miss when CSN&Y were all friends. they were so amazing together. also, David Crosby is clearly as high as a freakin’ kite at Woodstock, haha


A Welshman CAN sing the blues! :wink:

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They are all high as a freaking kite, not just Crosby.


Crosby is in a couple of curious film cameos I put together as an accolade on the Four Word Film Review site.

For his few seconds in the opening of Backdraft, he is credited in the role of “70’s Hippie.” In the theater I wanted to yell out ‘That’s David Crosby!’ but I’m glad I didn’t. Not sure that audience would have been too receptive. Plus you can see where this scene goes immediately afterwards:

In Thunderheart, he’s “The Bartender.” Michael Apted did the exact same thing with Crosby as did Ron Howard - basically a second and a half, just enough that if you’re watching closely you may notice, but his character is nowhere near to the plot. (Just over 30 minutes in if you have it)

In Hook he’s a little more visible as he gets a come-uppance in the form of a leveraged plank:


oh, i don’t know – Crosby was the biggest stoner of all of them…

My favorite Tom Jones clip is the one with Janis Joplin. They bring out an increasingly intense performance in one another.

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You simply cannot make a comment like that and not post a link to the clip!

But I agree.

I trust this was the one you had in mind.


With a surprise appearance of Frodo Baggins on drums!


No one is ever as high as the drummer.

Jayzus! That was very, very good.
I still think that the drummer was the coolest and the most important person on that stage. Just like every drummer ever.

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