Music: "Mama Told Me Not to Come," Stereophonics feat. Tom Jones


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From a whole album of covers/collaborations:


While they might be having fun, I don’t really hear any regret or shame in the singing. It’s is if the words have no meaning, it might as well be Italian opera sung by an Australian who doesn’t speak italian.

Randy Newman’s 1971 BBC performance is, if you ask me, a purer version.


This makes my morning, thanks!



No no no, not those dreary pub rockers please. This is the best collab on that album, someone with equal powerhouse vocals…


The heat must be getting to me. After I watched that, I found I had ripped off my clothes and thrown my underwear at the screen.



saw him perform this one on Letterman back when. Jones, Art of Noise, and Prince. That’s a trifecta if I ever heard one.


Crewed a few of Mr. Jones live performances here in the SF Bay Area. Man that guy has pipes! Rarely do you hear a person live that sounds as good or better than the recordings of them.
And yes, underwear and hotel keys were thrown onstage!


Mama probably didn’t want you to see how she gets down there when you’re moping around the house. She doesn’t want you to get jealous!


Think I’d Better Dance Now!


That was awesome! Tom still has it (I thought he was dead?)


Newman’s own delivery. I love his “style.”


Doesn’t this song feature prominently in a Paul Di Filipo story? Where there is a guy who is agoraphobic, hasn’t been outside in many many years. His job is to review vinyl records, but he loves a certain time/genre most of all. One day he steps on this record (?) , breaks it and has to go out…

From his excellent Ribofunk short story collection iirc?


Tom Jones was Kuzco’s “Theme Song Guy” in Emperor’s New Groove.


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