Watch a gunbattle erupt after police run suspect off the road

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You tube showed a Wegman’s ad"-- “reach for a Rosé”-- before showing the action proper. I feel like a Karen…

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I watched the part of the video I was instructed to and felt conflicting feelings about an innocent-until-proven-guilty person being shot to death.

  1. “Gol-dangit!”

  2. I so often see suspects veering around spike strips, and wonder why police don’t simply throw out two at a time, one from each side of the road?

  3. @hoffmanbike , I think the little wisps of smoke in the driver’s side window space indicate that he was firing a gun on officers.

  4. What was going on with the magazine? Maybe he thought he could make the cop crash his own vehicle?

  5. Why don’t police take a half second to turn off their sirens after a stop? Just let the lead leave his on.


If you were like, “WTF was that all about?” I found this article.

TL;DR, it was a suspect wanted for attempted murder, stole a gun, and was armed. :confused:


This is not the wonderful section of BB.


I’ll assume that the high-speed chase imperilling bystanders was a good risk-management decision by the police. Same for the volley of gunfire in the general direction of the car, other traffic, and neighboring buildings.

But it’s hard to maintain the charitable assumption of sober, ethical professionalism when they start dropping F-bombs in every “lawful order” they issue to the man they’ve mortally wounded.

Since no one else is saying it…

Only in America. Fnord.

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It’s not even thought-provoking. It’s just voyeurism appealing to the worst in us.


I Googled the dead man, and if this is the same person, then not only was he wanted for murder, but he also chopped off four fingers from his ex-girlfriend a decade previous.

If I’m wrong, I apologize, but if it’s the same person…yeesh.


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