Texas gentleman explains why he led police on a 100 mile chase

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The one time I would suggest for a person to move without a job would be this time.

Dude … move to Pueblo. It is just as hot and ugly and most of Texas. But cannabis is legal.


Lucky he wasn’t a large menacing thug.


It’s nice to see that Matthew McConaughey is still doing well these days. :smiley:


“… I’m tired of getting arrested for weed.”

Success. I guess?


I don’t mean to defend this guy but is it responsible for the police to conduct a high speed chase in those conditions (nighttime, busy road) and to keep it going for 100 miles?


No. It absolutely is not. In fact many departments are actively discouraging their officers from participating in high speed chases as the reasons people run are usually stupid and not worth the risk: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/news/vintage-speed/why-high-speed-police-chases-are-going-away-15532838


But…but…how will you incent people to join the force if they don’t get to drive 100+ mph with lights flashing and sirens blaring?

The cops I went on ride-alongs with years ago loved that. They’d scare the shit out of passengers by going over 100 on wet streets.

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“Dang they shooting at’me, and I ain’t got no gun”

Proof that White Folks just don’t cotton to no shooting at them!


Back before the local police radios went encrypted, I’d often listen in on police chases. It was common to hear them called off for safety reasons. The dispatcher would keep asking them about road and traffic conditions during the chase.

But there comes a point where calling off the chase too often increases the risk. The local punks KNOW that the police will call off a dangerous chase, and it encourages them to race away at high speed, running traffic lights.

Hrm… If you’re tired of being arrested for weed posession, perhaps you should leave the weed at home so you’re not posessing it.

Also this is Texas where the police will just keep following you till your transport runs out of gas while rotating fresh local agents in to continue pursuit (for the most part):

See also:
Big Rig Hostage Pursuit 2006, Produce Big Rig Pursuit 2016, Big Rig Pursuit 2015 [Flaming Truck Pursuit 2001] (http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0111/07/bn.01.html)

I think you should leave your cigarettes at home instead of stinking up the stoplight queues. And please have your beer magically appear at your home so you never have it in your vehicle. Do you have any idea how dangerous alcohol and second-hand smoke are? I mean what kind of monster are you?

Also, thanks Texas cops for endangering half the commuters in the state to catch an idiot who clearly can’t afford more than half an ounce. #sarcasm


How would you get that weed to your home in the first place (assuming you don’t grow it yourself)?


Beer and Cigarettes are legal in the glorious conservative republic of Texas thank you very much. /sarcasam Cigarettes are free to be smoked in most places and Beer can be in cars as long as it’s not open (Open container rules). Weed on the other hand is prohibited by state rules (not considering federal rules because Colorado and Oregon). Though I immagine there’s several of my fellow travelers on the road that are carrying Weed, the secret is to not be driving in sketchy neighborhoods that the cops would look for weed in and to not draw attention to yourself while you have it on your person

Don’t be driving in sketchy neighborhoods where cops have reasonable suspicion, and don’t draw attention to yourself by driving like a maniac.

Wow. This sort of story forces the surprising question of whether some communities could actually be measurably safer without the poor judgment, lying, escalated conflict, and misused resources of their local law enforcement department.

So blame the victims then. Got it.

Clearly if he’d had the decency to drive a nicer car or be in a better neighborhood, he wouldn’t deserve to be busted. Poor people, deserving what they get since the dawn of the War on Drugs!

The fact that the guy is a moron doesn’t make what happened to him (and more importantly the other drivers and passengers the cops endangered) copacetic.


“Don’t drive in sketchy neighborhoods” kind of reeks of classist privilege. An awful lot of people have to LIVE in those neighborhoods.


Cops look for things out of the ordinary. Coming to a slow rolling stop at a stopsign is out of the ordinary. Failure to consistently hold a single lane is out of the ordinary. Driving in excess of the speed limit is out of the ordinary. Driving a very nice car (100k or more) in a sketchy neighborhood is out of the ordinary as is driving a really beat up clunker in a nice neighborhood.