Watch a driver fleeing the police lose control of his car

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Never really took an interest in those videos before. I’m a little surprised by the continual professional-sports -commentator patter; not living in L.A. I didn’t know they’d been honed to that level of presentation.

I guess I can continue to live without it.


Said it before - but they need to make highspeed chases carry a public endangerment penalty similar to attempted homicide.

I know the argument is don’t bother chasing and nobody gets hurt - but I think in some cases you really do need to catch and detain these people.


The line of permanently parked RVs provides that added L.A. touch.

Los Angeles police pursuit videos on YouTube have never failed to entertain me.

Back in the pre-YouTube days, watching the chases live was even better. A sitcom once did a whole episode focused on the entire city shutting down whenever one happened.

I think it’s a required skill for on-air talent at SoCal news outlets.


That’s so true to life. They would be broadcast live with multiple stations. helicopters fighting for the shot.


That RV was probably someone’s home he hit. Hopefully they weren’t in it at the time. Note that there was another one parked a few yards away.


Since it happened at night, chances are that was someone in it. RV living is one of the many ways people cope with the city’s unaffordable housing market.


On the other side of the equation is that the RVs are frequently parked around elementary schools and libraries here so it likely saved a classroom or other learning space? Looking for the positive…


Only if it’s applied to the police who do the chasing.

With modern technology, there’s no need to chase someone. You can’t outrun drones/cameras/helicopters.

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Not sure that these tools are ubiquitous as one might think.

And - I suppose there are good points to be made to decrease the amount of passive and active surveillance available to law enforcement - not increase.

Complex issue for sure.

It kind of looks like he was just attempting a Drifting manoeuvre, maybe with no previous experience or calibration.

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