Watch: a home machinist makes a clock from scratch, right down to the screws and washers


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Can we get a “NSFW” tag on this for @shaddack ?


Goes to show the kind of work needed for nice things to exist. We often forget that when we have machines and assembly lines that crank out thousands an hour that before automation and robotics it took master craftsmen to make and repair these things.


I’ve been binging on Chris’ videos for months now. Every time he puts up a new one, I watch it right away. And then, just to be sure, I re-watch some of his older videos, too.


Very cool Cory, while we are posting machinist video’s, can I link to a new one that I made recently for an exhibition in Shenzhen?

it covers the making of a single sculpture with some interspersed commentary.


For those that like these kinds of videos, there’s a subreddit called /r/artisanvideos that has a ton of stuff like this.


The screws that one buys for pennies a pound are not labor-intensive. The heads are not lovingly turned on lathes. They are stamped from a long piece of wire in one operation, and the threads are rolled by a very automatic machine. Here’s a machine that makes those screws with the little drill bit on the end… no humans in sight.


Cool! I also suggest checking out:
Jimmy DiResta and Frank Howarth for wood-working, Walter Sorrells for knife making or even the crazy guys at Bad Obsession Motorsport for car building.


Machining porn, pure machining porn!


With super glue


I can’t believe I just spent 15 minutes watching a guy make a screw. One. Flathead. Screw.


Can I be honest?

I’ve watched that video more than once. It’s shameful of me.


I’ve subscribed.


Watching videos like this make me feel like I’m officially doing nothing with my life.


If you want to make the feeling yet worse, look at the Ben Krasnow’s videos.


…also, I know how you feel. It’s what the Internet will do to you.


I thought all Australians were hooligans.

This is seriously nice work.

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