Five cool mechanisms made from simple materials

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I made it to about 1:15 before I had to come here and say this:

WTH is he doing with those tools!? Using a hacksaw to cut wood seems inefficient, but pounding on the back of a snap-off utility knife seems… inadvisable.

I shall now return to the video and attempt to complete it, because what he’s making seems cool.

ETA: Yup, that was cool. The transmission was still my favorite.

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Geez, I just get depressed watching these kinds of videos because when the hell would I ever be able to spend 1/10 of the time necessary to do something like that?

Like any hobby, making and crafting is about mastering skill sets and behavioral algorithms that improve the efficiency of the workflow as you learn. While I’m sure the artist(s) behind the Q channel put in a lot of work to make their projects and videos, I guarantee you they no more started out able to pull these off than a symphonic pianist starts their first music lesson playing Chopin.

The simplest would be the coin-sorter, and in fact plans for such are readily available online and were a popular hobbyist project even before the internet when ideas spread through print. I actually found it a little anticlimactic after the gearbox and model railroad, which are astounding.

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A man needs a lathe…

A man who has a vice (vise), a drill and can make a gearbox has a lathe.

As soon as you need to measure something and use care, I’m out.

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