Watch a husky react to smelling durian

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That dog is a real ham actor. :grinning:


This is definitely cute, tells a valid tale (tail?), but alas is fake. And still the question (amongst the geeks) rages: How was this fake accomplished? odds favor some-sort of ‘green screen’ combined with reverse footage, and they count one video break near the end of the clip. [gormless shrug emoji]


Here’s the reverse gif


Durian doesn’t smell great, but this video smells fishy.


I’ll let others examine the receipts and pixels and, but even if it’s not fake it appears to be staged.

I am willing to believe that this a dogs reaction, this one dog. I am not willing to believe that all dogs react to durian the same way. I have watched dogs roll around in decomposing whales, smell each other’s butts, smell poop and worse. My spouse and I picked up a stinky dog with no tags that was wondering around the kind of quiet road where people speed through at night, and it had definitely been rolling around in dead sea mammal. (We dropped it off at a shelter so the owner could find it, and then scrubbed the seats and carpet with all sorts of cleaning products.) Clearly, many dogs love scents that we abhor. How, and why, my neighbor’s dog chooses to lick between my toes after I have been wearing sandals all day is a mystery I don’t ponder, as it has a different sense of what tastes or smells bad- also my neighbor says the dog does that to people it likes, so perhaps it’s holding back a gag worthy reaction to show affection, or it’s sizing me up a potential meal should it find me dead on the sidewalk.

Should anybody have a chance to taste fresh durian- do so. I am convinced that it magnifies how each one of us senses food, and listening to someone describe what they think durian tastes like to them is fascinating. I have never heard two people describe it in the same way, except for people that grew up with durian- who’s response in general is, “it tastes like durian”.


All huskies are drama queens anyway. :smiley:


A fun description I read somewhere was something like “like eating a rasperry cheesecake while sitting on the toilet”


Funny, I was just commenting about Jacob Rees-Mogg in the other thread. This reminds me of him.

Or “custard that has been passed through a sewer.”

I just was at a Thai restaurant in Queens on Saturday, and ordered the durian ice cream (which is like 1/10 as strong as fresh durian). My Serbian brother in law had never heard of them, and I hadn’t had it in a while, so I gave him and my kids a chance to try it. My son tried it, and warned his younger sister that she wouldn’t like it… and she lectured him for a minute (she’s 5) on how she can like things he doesn’t like (they had both just decided they like pad thai and green curry) and she tasted it… and if I could have made a video it would have gone like this. And then she said “why would you do that to us?”


The theory I saw on Reddit, which is where I first saw this GIF, was that the dog was rigged up with strings or ropes, and pulled against the wall. They seemed pretty sure about it, as the reverse video also doesn’t look normal. This dog was mistreated, IMO.

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