Sniffing a beaver's butt: a surprisingly pleasant experience


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Have there been any studies done on the new baby smell for baby beavers?


I’ve been scared by two beavers in the wild in my life and that was enough for me. I can’t even imagine getting close to a beaver on purpose, much less pulling up its tail and sniffing its ass.

Nonetheless, I now want to smell a beaver’s asshole. Who is the brave person who’s going to hold down the beaver for me while I sniff its ass? Any takers?


If you look up “Other natural flavors added” = beaver but in you food. Which is in many, many food items. must be very tasty !p

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Joanne is a brown-noser.

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Now THAT could get you in trouble…

I can only see it ending with a big ThWhack to your nose… (probably more than one – at least 3 if I remember the ol’ beaver alarms correctly)

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I remember reading about beavers’ castor glands (not actual glands) when I was going through my trapper and mountain man phase in elementary school. (Everybody went through one of those as a pre-teen, right?) As I recall 18th and 19th Century trappers would harvest the pelts to eventually be sold to hat makers and harvest the castor glands to mask the human scent on their traps. At least that’s how I remember it from 40+ years ago.

I would always welcome a beaver that smells like vanilla.

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Ya, sniffing that sort of beaver will likely get ya run out of town…

In my last beaver encounter, it was just one extremely loud thwack and I think a hiss or growl or something. It was enough for me to clear out of there. The last thing on my mind was confronting the beaver and smelling its ass. But, now things have changed for me.


So much low hanging fruit here.

Also, that’s me done with beaver butt vanilla ice cream for awhile (until I really want some and convince myself to forget).

I’m wondering about the brave person (although “brave” may not be the right term) who did it first.

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Me too. begins to go slackjawed, drooling profusely


Imagine his surprise.

Finally, after sniffing the butts of rodents all round the world, the good doctor had found the fabled “Butt Butter”. He allowed himself a smile as he pictured the faces of those smug bastards back at the Royal Society when he demonstrated his astonishing find. Then, he gloated, his dignity would be restored and their taunts would no longer invade his sleep.

“Doctor Nosy Ratbutt yourself!” he thought to himself as he packed his things and prepared the beaver’s cage for the long journey home.


North America was built on beaver trapping to satisfy the fashion for men’s top hats.The beaver contributed to their own demise with dams that created navigable waterways.

All I could think about was this…

Edit: It was funnier when I had it time-stamped to start at 1:00 in. So please, manually do so now for full effect.

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Usually if I can smell the butt, it kind of puts me off the beaver.

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I guess this is the perfect creamer for a Kopi Luwak Vanilla Late

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And in less than 100 years settlers destroyed the verdant, but delicate, ecosystems beavers had been pivotal in creating in the South-West. What with our killing all the beavers “trapping the river clear” and irrigating the desert.

The beaver is a proud and noble animal. :slight_smile: