Watch: A live penis portrait painting

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This was recently a plot device in the excellent Australian TV series Fisk

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Blueman Group meets Thunder Down Under?


Looks interesting. Is that available for streaming on something like Amazon Prime or Netflix?

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William Murderface nods with grim approval.

It streams on A(ustralian)BC. I don’t think any of the American services have it yet.

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Dicking around? Yes he is.


So, this title is kinda ambiguous…

was it
a live penis, doing a potrait painitng
a potrait of a penis painted live
a painting of a live penis portrait
someone painting a portait with their penis, live


no, I didn’t click the link.


I saw him live and up close at Barchland Follies. It’s an amazing burlesque show that is restarting TONIGHT!


So this is an artist who doesn’t mind if his brush gets stiff?


It probably goes over better there than when he does it busking in the subway station.


This seems to be a bootleg version of the video. The audio doesn’t work.

Here’s the official version:


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Same thought exactly. then it morphed into Gandalf asking what do you mean by “Good morning”? (“Least it’s better than yer basic dead penis painting”)

He’s Canadian, it turns out, and also competed on Croatia’s Got Talent.

:thinking: :bulb: :smiley:

He was so close to a more refined method.

I was disappointed. He was using his hand to guide it. I was expecting . . . well, I’m not sure what I was expecting.

I’m just glad it was behind the canvas.

ETA: I wonder if the work ever becomes a “mixed media” painting.

part of me wants to see some calligraphy. like apply a swoosh-y toupee, etc

You should see the work from his Blue Period.

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